What is Rhino BoardTM?

Rhino Board’sTM polypropylene honeycomb core sheets are comprised of cylindrical polyolefin tube straws bonded into a close packed hexagonal matrix to produce a low bulk density core material which is manufactured in a proprietary process.

The Rhino BoardTM sheets are lightweight allowing for reduced shipping costs.

Our sheet stock is available in increments of 54.5″ x 30 ” perimeter and thickness of 2″, 3″ and 4″ (other thickness and perimeters will be available by special order). Call us for more information on this product.

Rhino BoardTM Advantages

The design of the Rhino BoardTM gives an even flat cutting surface and works well with abrasive and straight Water jet cutting. The water turbulence will rise and lower thru our product, which will reduce heaving of the material much better than standard bricks.


The Rhino BoardTM sheet weighs less than comparable amount of the old style bricks currently available, approximately 48% less, this saves on shipping costs but does not affect the durability of the Rhino BoardTM.

Longer Lasting

Rhino BoardTM is easily repairable on repeatable cut areas thus increasing the life of the cutting surface.

Simple & Fast

Rhino BoardTM eliminates having to “BUILD” a bed out of smaller bricks which is both time consuming and clumsy during setup and removal. You can create a typical 6′ x 12′ bed of Rhino BoardTM in a few seconds.


Rhino BoardTM will not fall apart as rapidly as the old style bricks, there are no screws used due to our patented bonding process, making repairs to the Rhino BoardTM possible with a simple hot glue gun.


Rhino BoardTM creates less polyethylene residue in the tank due to the tubular design.


Rhino BoardTM is partially made from recycled products and can be recycled again lending itself to be a very “Green” product.