Rhino BoardTM Tips

We will be posting tips on some of the unique uses of Rhino BoardTM and how to get the most out of this product. If you have a tip or story about how you use your Rhino BoardTM drop us a line and let us know. You could be next to be featured here in the Rhino BoardTM tips section.

Click here to download DXF File for the RHINO BoardTM hold down tabs. This system extends the capability of your RHINO BoardTM products (see video).

Tip #1 “The Hot Glue Gun”

One trick that we use with great success is the use of a hot glue gun to hold down parts to the Rhino BoardTM. Click on the play button below to watch the video of the glue gun in action.

Tip #2 “The Real World”

Testimonial to Rhino BoardTM. It does have a great tip on how to repair the Rhino BoardTM once it has had a complete cut through. Click on the play button below to watch the video.

Tip #3 “The Molly Discovery”

Plastic and metal molly’s are the focus of this video tip. Easy to use to hold down your workpieces firmly to the Rhino BoardTM surface.

Tip #4 “Tile Cutting Easy Jig”

Cutting floor tiles has never been so easy. Once you try cutting tiles this way you will understand the full potential of Rhino BoardTM.